The party's ever-reliable (disclaimer: not always reliable) rogue.


Level 3 Male Human Rogue
Age: 19 / Ht. 5’7” / Weight 145 / Align: Unaligned / Deity: Sehanine

32 HP
6 Speed
+5 Initiative

17 AC / 12 Fortitude / 18 Reflex / 15 Will

17 Passive Insight / 17 Passive Perception

10 Str / 10 Con / 18 Dex / 10 Int / 12 Wis / 16 Cha

Skills: 10 Acrobatics / 9 Bluff / 7 Insight / 7 Perception / 10 Stealth / 9 Streetwise / 10 Thievery

Feats: Backstabber / Weapon Focus (Light Blade) / Weapon Expertise (Light Blade)

  • Melee Basic: standard; vs. AC; one target melee; +7,1d4+2
  • Ranged Basic: standard; vs.AC; one target ranged; +11,1d4+6
  • Deft Strike: standard; vs. AC; one target melee or ranged; can move 2 beforehand; +11,1d4+6
  • Piercing Strike: standard; vs. Reflex; one target melee; +11,1d4+6
  • Sly Flourish: standard; vs. AC; one target melee or ranged; +11,1d4+9
  • Second Wind: standard; use healing surge; gain +2 to all defenses until start of your next turn
  • Tumble: move; shift 3
  • Dazing Strike: standard; vs. AC; one target melee; target dazed until end of your next turn; +11,1d4+6
  • Bait and Switch: standard; vs. Will; one target melee; can switch places with target then shift 3;+11,2d4+6
  • Blinding Barrage: standard; vs. AC; each enemy in close blast 3; targets blinded until end of your next turn; half damage on miss; +10,2d4+5 (+1,+1 once)
  • First Strike: combat advantage against targets that have not acted yet in encounter
  • Artful Dodger: +3 AC against opportunity attacks
  • Sneak Attack: +2d8 damage once per round if combat advantage
  • Lifedrinker Dagger: +1d6 necrotic damage on critical hits
  • Lifedrinker Dagger: 5 temporary hit points on a kill
  • Thieves’ Tools: +2 to Thievery checks on traps/locks

Matthew grew up in a small village. His father was the local tailor, and ran a small haberdashery. Matthew began learning his father’s profession, and showed talent at such skills. However, he had an independent streak, and had trouble dealing with such an ordinary life. He wished for excitement and to be appreciated for greater skills. Against great argument of his parents, he left home and journeyed to CITY. With an aptitude for discreet skills, he made a living as an information broker and occasional thief.

When CITY was attacked by goblins, Matthew helped in the defense, but escaped into the sewers once it was clear that the barricades would be overrun. Fleeing towards the nearest settlement, he seeks to ascertain the extent of the goblin advances into his country. Despite his strained relationship with his family, he quickly writes them a warning. Although he recognizes the danger of the invasion, part of his personality is excited at the prospect of combatting it.


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