The Fellowship of the Pi

Dein: Kobolds 1, little children 0

The fellowship hunkered down at The Gateway’s Rest (the Gate, to the locals) to plot their next move, but found themselves embroiled in another adventure almost immediately.

Kaloxan bumped into Theron, a neighbor from his home village, at the tavern, who was desperately searching for someone to help him find his young son who had been abducted by kobolds as he and his father made their way to the town. Compelled by the frantic man, the adventurers were led to the cave Theron suspected of being the kobold lair. They fought their way through a small guard party, and found themselves at a fork in the cave. One path led steeply upward, and a click clacking noise could faintly be heard. The other led down, toward a foul odor, and kobold tracks led that way. Taking the downward path, Kaloxan snuck ahead into a large chamber full of crevices in the cave floor venting a sulfurous steam, and found the kobolds clustered around the bound young boy and a large egg. The bard was spotted, and letting loose a battle cry, engaged the creatures head on. Alas, while the party fought the kobolds, the egg hatched, and the swarm of ravenous baby drakes that emerged began devouring the helpless child. In an unfortunate attempt to remove the reptiles from the boy, George let loose a thundering wave, which only served to hasten the child’s demise. The adventurers returned to town with the grief stricken father, and attended the child’s funeral.



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