The Fellowship of the Pi

Dein: Intrigue and Indecision

After the funeral, the dejected fellowship went to bed (Kaloxan wasn’t feeling himself, and there still was no word about where Corinth went off to). They awoke in the dark before dawn to a persistent knocking. The innkeeper needed help; a strange, deranged, almost naked man was in the common room, and he wouldn’t leave. The fellowship investigated, and found the man almost non-responsive, mumbling to himself. He was covered in wounds consistent with torture, and some in what were recognized as infernal patterns. The next day, after putting him to bed in an empty room, the party found that the man’s name was Lorn, a local day laborer, and that he had been picked up by the Crystal Covenant guards, taken to the town’s jail in the dungeons of the fort, and tortured mercilessly by the jailer. The party found, upon inquiring with the innkeeper, that if one wanted information about the jailer (Garond), one should look at The Alley Cat. The party split up, Matthew going the Alley Cat to ask Erol (local honest businessman/thieves guild liason) about a job involving breaking into the fortress to free thieves falsely imprisoned under the bribe framework of the previous set of townguards, while Kaloxan and George went to the Alley Cat to inquire about the jailer. Matthew took Erol up on his offer, and was given guard patrol patterns, and two suggested means of entering the fortress (stealing guard uniforms and going in the front, or making use of a secret passage in the jailer’s house). Meanwhile, Kaloxan struck up a lively rapport with the vivacious serving boy tending the Cat’s tavern. He and George discovered that the jailer was, as genre parlance goes, a sick motherfucker, who enjoyed mixing work/play/torture/sex in various ratios of awful. Corroborating Matthew’s info, they heard that the jailer’s secret passage was a one-way affair, that had to be opened by someone inside the fortress dungeon and was unknown to the general population. Returning to the inn, the fellowship conferred, unable to decide how to proceed. Into this consternation, Theron entered, requesting an escort to the cave where his son died so that he could find peace. The party complied, minus Matthew. In the steamy depths of the cave, the party was attacked by a lone kruthik scout (a reptile/bug-like creature, the source of the click clacking noise). Lacking their party’s full strength, George, Aineh, Kaloxan, and Daar decided not to investigate the kruthiks further. That night, Matthew and Kaloxan broke into the warehouse of the livery manufacturer supplying the Crystal Covenant, stealing a fellowship’s-worth of uniforms. Together again at the Gate, the adventurers decided to sleep; perchance on the morrow, their path into the fortress will become clear…



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