The Fellowship of the Pi

Dein: Intrigue and Indecision

After the funeral, the dejected fellowship went to bed (Kaloxan wasn’t feeling himself, and there still was no word about where Corinth went off to). They awoke in the dark before dawn to a persistent knocking. The innkeeper needed help; a strange, deranged, almost naked man was in the common room, and he wouldn’t leave. The fellowship investigated, and found the man almost non-responsive, mumbling to himself. He was covered in wounds consistent with torture, and some in what were recognized as infernal patterns. The next day, after putting him to bed in an empty room, the party found that the man’s name was Lorn, a local day laborer, and that he had been picked up by the Crystal Covenant guards, taken to the town’s jail in the dungeons of the fort, and tortured mercilessly by the jailer. The party found, upon inquiring with the innkeeper, that if one wanted information about the jailer (Garond), one should look at The Alley Cat. The party split up, Matthew going the Alley Cat to ask Erol (local honest businessman/thieves guild liason) about a job involving breaking into the fortress to free thieves falsely imprisoned under the bribe framework of the previous set of townguards, while Kaloxan and George went to the Alley Cat to inquire about the jailer. Matthew took Erol up on his offer, and was given guard patrol patterns, and two suggested means of entering the fortress (stealing guard uniforms and going in the front, or making use of a secret passage in the jailer’s house). Meanwhile, Kaloxan struck up a lively rapport with the vivacious serving boy tending the Cat’s tavern. He and George discovered that the jailer was, as genre parlance goes, a sick motherfucker, who enjoyed mixing work/play/torture/sex in various ratios of awful. Corroborating Matthew’s info, they heard that the jailer’s secret passage was a one-way affair, that had to be opened by someone inside the fortress dungeon and was unknown to the general population. Returning to the inn, the fellowship conferred, unable to decide how to proceed. Into this consternation, Theron entered, requesting an escort to the cave where his son died so that he could find peace. The party complied, minus Matthew. In the steamy depths of the cave, the party was attacked by a lone kruthik scout (a reptile/bug-like creature, the source of the click clacking noise). Lacking their party’s full strength, George, Aineh, Kaloxan, and Daar decided not to investigate the kruthiks further. That night, Matthew and Kaloxan broke into the warehouse of the livery manufacturer supplying the Crystal Covenant, stealing a fellowship’s-worth of uniforms. Together again at the Gate, the adventurers decided to sleep; perchance on the morrow, their path into the fortress will become clear…

Dein: Kobolds 1, little children 0

The fellowship hunkered down at The Gateway’s Rest (the Gate, to the locals) to plot their next move, but found themselves embroiled in another adventure almost immediately.

Kaloxan bumped into Theron, a neighbor from his home village, at the tavern, who was desperately searching for someone to help him find his young son who had been abducted by kobolds as he and his father made their way to the town. Compelled by the frantic man, the adventurers were led to the cave Theron suspected of being the kobold lair. They fought their way through a small guard party, and found themselves at a fork in the cave. One path led steeply upward, and a click clacking noise could faintly be heard. The other led down, toward a foul odor, and kobold tracks led that way. Taking the downward path, Kaloxan snuck ahead into a large chamber full of crevices in the cave floor venting a sulfurous steam, and found the kobolds clustered around the bound young boy and a large egg. The bard was spotted, and letting loose a battle cry, engaged the creatures head on. Alas, while the party fought the kobolds, the egg hatched, and the swarm of ravenous baby drakes that emerged began devouring the helpless child. In an unfortunate attempt to remove the reptiles from the boy, George let loose a thundering wave, which only served to hasten the child’s demise. The adventurers returned to town with the grief stricken father, and attended the child’s funeral.

The adventure so far (Dein)

In the land of Illyria, something foul is afoot. Communications between the western and eastern lands and the capitol have fallen silent. Goblins, formerly an occasional nuisance, march in force on the western provinces, taking prisoners and pillaging everything. And a new power has risen in the Winged City…

It is in this momentous hour that 6 adventurers (and once or twice 7, and occasionally 5) from diverse pasts and varied walks of life met in the Lock and Key, a lonely traveler’s inn…and were promptly drugged and robbed of their meager worldly possessions. The Ick brothers (Gennick and Gannick), “notorious” burglars and plunderers, parted the fellowship of their coin and ran off into the depths of the Thickwood. After a series of ordeals involving woodland creatures, less woodlandy creatures, and a hermit priestess of Melora, the cave hideout of the brothers was discovered. With only a few measly deaths, the adventurers fought their way through the perilous peril, and reclaimed their lost possessions (and then some). Alas, both brothers Ick were allowed to escape.

Newly re-propertied, the fellowship returned to the Lock and Key, only to find goblins attempting to kidnap the proprietor, Bart, and the rest stop inhabitants. They heroically slew the goblins, who expected no resistance from such a small settlement. On the goblin leader, a powerful warcaster, they found a map with instructions to rendezvous at the Southern Span, one of two bridges connecting the eastern and western provinces over the Chid River, an acidic flow cutting the kingdom in half. The map indicated that the meeting would be…explosive.

Deciding to hurry east in an attempt to stop whatever plan the goblins had hatched, the fellowship encountered a nearly razed lumber camp and two other adventurers. Together, they managed to defuse a tense situation between the local wood elves and the lumberjacks, gaining the aid of the each party as they moved toward the bridge.

The goblins had already set up bombs along the bridge when our heroes arrived. While the lumberjacks and elves created a diversion, the fellowship charged the bridge. They managed to disarm enough bombs to save the bridge, but when one was strategically set off by an ally, the barbarian fell to what seemed her certain death in the river. The bard, risking all, dove from the bridge tied to a rope, and pulled her goliath body to safety.

Traveling east, the fellowship eventually reached Dein, the largest trade center west of the Winged City. Unfortunately, the Wizard’s Men were nowhere to be found, and a new armed force, the Crystal Covenant, was in control of the city. Even worse, access to Illyria City was cut off, only to be released by the missing Commander Arlena, formerly in command of the local Wizard’s Men.

Will the fellowship survive the coming ordeals? Will they be crushed under the weight of their inevitable doom? Will the end boss play solitaire until he just gives up on waiting for them to get their act together?

The answers to these and more await…

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